Complete your range with cutting-edge, exclusively presented products and increase your existing sales of workwear!

Sales Driver Workwear

It is no surprise that workwear seems to stick to the shelves in some of the specialist shops:

Unattractive presentation

No product looks attractive in dusty polybags.

Chaos on the shelf

Torn open, slipped polybags, spread across the shelf, simply do not appeal.

Old fashioned design

The fashion-conscious craftsmen and women of today do not want to wear yesterday’s clothes.

Unfavourable fit

The trousers slip and pinch.

Poor workmanship

Seams tear open, zippers jam.

Abandoned with the goods?

Do you receive too little information about the products?

Don't you get any support to sell the goods well?

Do you see the company representative only rarely?

This is how we increase your sales!

The sales success of EXCESS WORKWEAR is based on 3 pillars:

Top Quality

Top Presentation

Top Service

Presentation of the Excess collection

EXCESS WORKWEAR - From design to the finished product

More than 25 years of experience in the textile industry and member of the most important purchasing associations.

EXCESS WORKWEAR is not only a competent partner, but also a guarantee of success when it comes to selling workwear in the specialist trade.

We currently supply and serve several hundred PoS from our Mülheim site.

If you would also like to benefit from our top products and exceptional service, please make an appointment NOW for a non-binding initial consultation.

Our attractive offer for specialist retailers of
workwear and protective clothing

Selected collections with top articles

... jackets, trousers, vests, shoes and accessories

High quality presentation of the goods

… easy to integrate into existing shelving concepts

Attractive discounting concept

... with lucrative margins for the dealers

Convincing price-performance model

Fast subsequent delivery

No contracts

... but fair cooperations

No minimum quantities

... even single pieces possible

And this is how we can work together


First interview (15 minutes)

Here we clarify the most important details about your wishes and requirements.



You will receive from us a proposal for the implementation of the shop-in-shop system.



After joint fine-tuning, we ensure that the EXCESS WORKWEAR products are ready for sale in your specialist store as soon as possible.